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I've been a subscriber and reader of CT for years and now I have something to share with you all, my fellow readers.  My testimony is not as exciting as those on the last page of CT every month, but after growing up in the church, I eventually found myself trapped in a prison of debt.  I committed to getting out of debt and writing a story to help others get out of that prison too.  But something happened as I wrote.  I came to realize that I was in a deeper, darker prison of addiction, and that one would be much harder to escape.  I realized that EVERYONE IS STUCK in some way in some kind of prison.  From bad relationships, to addictions to food, sex, drugs, and for some people the prison of  perfection and performance!   Can I get an amen?  I have struggled and continue to struggle with multiple of these over the years.  But there is an answer!  There is one who overcomes, who sets the captives free, who helps us to mount up on wings like eagles and soar.  It all starts with getting out.  

For You

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For CT Readers 

Order a copy of Pillows For Your Prison Cell today and use code: CT16 at checkout for a 25% discount.  Buy a couple and apply the discount to the entire order.  This book is a great gift option for the holidays or to encourage people as they look into a new year!  

For Your Small Group

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Sharing is Learning!  

I wrote the book to be a catalyst for conversation.  There is no better way to learn than to apply what you've learned through discussion and prayer with others.  So, I created a workbook called No More Pillows that can be used in a group setting to foster richer conversation and encourage life application.  The workbooks were designed to use in retreat settings, and work great as a Sunday School class or Small Group Discussion Guide.  They are divided into 4 sections in which we take the lessons of the story, add teachings from Scripture, and apply them to our own lives.  

Buy packages for a discount.  

And for you CT readers I'll offer an ADDITIONAL 25% discount to your entire order if you use code: CT16.  

For Your Church

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Blessed are the feet...

Would you like to have me come speak to your church, club, organization or retreat?  I'd love to.  I've spoken to groups of all kinds, including middle school, high school, college, and adults.  And while I'm a devout Christian with a Christ-oriented world view, I've spoken to both secular and Christian audiences with excellent response from both.  

My speaker's fee is very low.  $0 in fact!  I just work with you to make sure everyone gets a copy of Pillows For Your Prison Cell.  The bigger the group, the bigger the discount.  

If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please contact me at mark@pfypc.com or use one of the links below.