Pillows For Your Prison Cell

Pillows For Your Prison Cell

 Long ago in a distant land, a king built a windowless prison, with walls that reached to the sky. He called it The Mill.  A sentence to The Mill was effectively a death sentence because, not only had no one ever escaped, no one had ever been released!  The length of one’s sentence mattered not. None who entered ever departed. 

  In that land there was a boy named Amir. And, on his father's birthday, in an act of desperation, he made a series of poor choices that lead him to a sentence at the infamous Mill. 

  It was nothing like he expected.

  It was worse. 

  Once inside, he discovered the truth about why no one ever got out. But knowing the truth is only half the battle. Can Amir escape the grip of the prison and find a path to freedom?